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SNack Platter

An assortment of sandwiches that includes Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey & Beer Sausage on white & flax breads.

Small Platter -Serves 15-17 - $34.99
Large Platter -Serves 28-30 - $44.99

Enjoy delicious fresh hand cut seasonal fruit washed and ready to eat. Comes complete with fresh yogurt parfait dip.

Small Platter -Serves 10-12 - $29.99
Large Platter -Serves 20-22 - $44.99



Fresh cut veggies washed & ready to serve, perfect for healthy entertaining. Complete with ranch or dill dip.

Small Platter -Serves 10-12 - $24.99
Large Platter -Serves 20-22 - $39.99

A nice selection of bite-sized favourites with assorted cheese, pepperoni, mixed sausages & crackers.

Small Platter -Serves 10-15 - $39.99
Large Platter -Serves 20-25 - $69.99


cheese & meat PLATTER

A delightfully presented rolled ham, turkey, roast beef, and beer sausage deli meat selection served with cubed marble, cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Small Platter -Serves 15 - $44.99
Large Platter -Serves 25 - $74.99

What would a party be like without dessert? We don’t want to know. Enjoy Nanaimo Bars, butter tart bars, fudge brownies along with chocolate chip, peanut butter & oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Small Platter - 15 Servings- $29.99
Large Platter - 25 Servings- $44.99

Delivery is included!

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Additional supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, beverages and more are also available. Please inquire for more information.

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